Offer comfortable accommodation for guests visiting the region for work or play, with quality care at the right atmosphere to enjoy a good rest.


On 2020 provide complementary services to facilitate their stay in the region losvisitantes the hotel, offering space suitable for the development of business meetings and events sociales.Además to offer a space with a country setting for relaxation of our guests


Suriki Caribbean Hotel provides accommodation and lodging services to meet the needs of guests, customers and partners. the integrated management system implemented by establishing the model of continuous improvement to optimize the performance of processes and activities mitigating, controlling and preventing risks, dangers, actions and environmental impacts to comply with applicable legal requirements in force.

It is our responsibility to implement and maintain best practices to ensure the health, welfare and quality of life of our guests, customers and partners.

As a strategy of engagement and commitment to our customers, present their rights and duties to sustainability, in search of balance between nature, the ecosystem and biodiversity.

It is part of our commitment, and all the actors here we play we act against commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and to ensure the protection of fauna and flora of the region.

Continuous improvement is part of our organizational culture.